Facilities in School

The school has got 16 classrooms (4 rooms in GHS-25) for instructional purposes. All the classrooms are in good condition. It has 3 other rooms for office, staff room and library cum computer room. The school has a spacious playground for sports activities.

Funds and Grants
Under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Programme, the school received a sum of  Rs.82400/- during the financial current year 2013-2014 as per the details follows:


S.NO                      GRANT                                                                    AMOUNT

1.          Teacher Salary – upper primary  during the session 2012-2013                 Nil

2.         Teacher Salary –  primary  during the session 2012-2013                              Nil

3.         School grant( Primary)                                                                                                     Nil

4.         School grant( Upper Primary)                                                                                       Nil

5.         Teacher grant(primary & upper primary)                                                            Nil

6.         Grant for holding Seminars on health & hygiene for adolescent girls    Nil

7.         Grant for organizing excursion to Pushpa Gujral  Science City,                Nil

             Kapurthala for girls students of class VIII                                                        

8.         Maintenance &   Repair Grant(primary)                                                               Nil

9.         Maintenance &   Repair Grant(upper primary)                                                 Nil

10.       Grant for holding exhibition,quiz and competitions at school level      Nil

11.       Grant for procurement of sports & musical equipment( primary)          Nil 

12.       Grants for Nukkad  Natak and Rallies for STC                                                   Nil

13.       Provision of one set of uniform (uniform grant)                                              

14.       Uniform Grant of Rs 82400/- for all girls SC/St?BPL boys for summer uniform                   82400/-

                     @ 200/- per students.